Small Church Project

Here is the final render I did for this project, I revisited this project that I started earlier for a school assignment. During my specialization I decided I wanted a scene where I could show some actual work. The only thing that remained from the old scene is the church itself and some textures for the church.

I created all the textures and vegetation myself, rendered it in Maya using V-ray. Render time for a 720p resolution takes around 12 minutes on normal settings without using up a lot of ram.


Here are some work in progress images:

 Simple overhead shot
Sculpted the terrain and choose a composition
 Added some grass
 Further improvements on the grass
 and the first background objects

Nature Modeling Project

5.5 Billion poly test
Pine tree test render
These are some renders of tests I did for my specialization project.
For my specialization project I choose the subject: What is the process of rendering an animation of believable vegetation in V-ray in an optimal way?
For example the 5.5 billion polygon forest took only 11 minutes to render at a 720p resolution on normal quality without using large amounts of ram.
I make the trees in different programs for example: Maya paint effects, Speedtree and Onyx Tree.
After that I make all the materials and textures, I scanned al the leaf textures myself. Bringing it all together in Maya and rendering it using V-ray.
Finding out all these techniques is making me a lot faster in creating complex landscapes.


Cinamatic Project - Crystal Tree WIP

Team project for a school assignment, I did the texturing, rendering and post production. I also did a lot of scene management and fixing a lot of things.

This cinematic shows a building that is based on two real buildings merged together. At the center of the building stands an old tree that when the sun sets transforms into a magical tree covered in crystals.

The project is right now still work in progress because some of the shots are not final yet especially towards the end of the video.

UDK - High Temple

UDK - High Temple  on Vimeo.

This is our final presentation movie of our world building project we worked on at IGAD, created by six students in the UDK engine. My role in this project was, Art Director, Modeling and Texturing, World Building and Lighting.


Complete credit list below:

High Temple ingame Screenshots

High temple in-game screenshots

High Temple Sculpts

Large pillar and small pillar 

Old Wooden door

A small selection of sculpts done for the level High Temple.

Body Sculpts



Sculpt of male body. Sculpted following sculpting course.
Sculpted in Z-brush, rendered in Maya with V-ray. 
Using displacement mapping for the deformation.


Logo Project - Randal

Logo project I did for my nephew, made some typography designs and modeled one of them. Here is the final movie with his music. Modeled in Maya, rendered in V-ray and post in After Effects.